An Explosion of the Arts and Creative Gifts

In the end times, there is an explosion of the arts and creativity like never before. Some of which is used to push an occultic, Satanic, anti-Christ agenda. Yet the church as a whole has not embraced certain aspects of the arts EXCLUDING music bc of lack of understanding while Satan bombards all sectors of society.

Like other arenas, eg politics/government, etc. Christians by large have seperated themselves from being involved in arts except we are heavily into music but that is more religious than spiritual. If we would be kingdom minded we would know that God created various gifts and has all-knowledge and wants to be glorified in EVERYTHING!

One aspect of Christian music that need to be changed is that we mostly do not make music that ministers to EVERY area of life and not to every season of one’s life as depicted in the bible. There were songs celebrating all areas of life. Love, deliverance, thanksgiving, etc. Whatever we preach and write about can be placed in songs. Think about how many marriages would be blessed and encouraged all the more if we bring the word to life with our lyrics or put music to our messages. I have found that contemporary Christian artists do this and are shunned and told they are worldly. But we need to define what worldliness is according to God’s standards and not our own.

Eccl. says that there is a time and season for EVERYTHING! Also Phillipians 4 tells us that whatever is pure, of good report, worthy of praise, etc. to think on these things. Music is a culture that shapes our thinking. What is culture! Culture is the way society believes, thinks, etc.

If we are going to change the world we must change the culture and to change culture we must change people’s minds. Change begins in the mind!

How are we changed and how do we form behavioral patterns and belief systems? Through meditating. Meditation is simply thinking and hearing something repetitively. Whatever you think, see, feel, hear (sensory memorization) you will become. As a man thinks, ponders, meditates on, he becomes.

Let’s back up. If you & I hear positive messages that are pure, of good report, renewing the mind in a positive ways, raising awareness about societal issues, has sound teaching, etc. via music, film, TV, etc. in addition to hearing the same message in the pulpit, we would see even more change in the body and the world.